Top birdwatching tips when on the Norfolk Broads

The beautiful Norfolk Broads is home to a vast array of nature and wildlife. This is one of the things that makes it so popular with people visiting Norfolk. Of course, one major attraction which draws many here is the chance to indulge in some fantastic birdwatching. Depending on the season, you can see anything from swifts to the nightjar, house martin or spotted flycatcher. However, if you are heading to the Broads as a new birdwatcher, you may need some tips to have the best chance of success.

Wildlife on Norfolk Broads

Buy the best binoculars you can

The ability to spot birds and the enjoyment you get from this activity relies heavily on how good your binoculars are. While not everyone can buy the most expensive around, it is worth shelling out for the best you can afford. This will help you get a crisp, clear view through them, so you do not miss any of the action. Better models will also have more features included like higher levels of magnification and waterproof design.

Take a notebook and pen

Another great tip when birdwatching in Norfolk is to take a notepad and pen along to record what you see. While you may think you will easily remember it all, it is not so simple if you are there for a week or two. Writing down your sightings not only helps you to tell others what you have seen later on but also gives you something to look back on.

Layer up

As you will be outside when birdwatching on the Broads, what you wear is worth thinking about carefully. This is especially true if you start early in the morning when it may be colder, as many bird watchers do. The best idea is to layer up with a coat and then a jumper and/or t-shirt. As the temperature goes up over the day, you can simply remove layers to stay cool.

Make sure you find somewhere fabulous to stay

The best tip of all is to find a great place to stay when on this kind of holiday. Here at Waveney River Centre, we have all you need to relax after a day out on the Broads. Our award-winning park is found in the Norfolk Broads National Park and has awesome self-catering lodges to call home. A 1,000 acre nature reserve is right next door, which makes us the perfect accommodation for nature lovers.