Summer wildlife in the Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads is home to a wide range of landscapes. This makes it one of the most amazing places that you can imagine to spot wildlife, especially in summer when many different species come to our shores to pay us a visit. Read on to find out some of the different wildlife that you can encounter during your Norfolk holidays in summer.

Swallowtail Butterfly
Thoas Swallowtail Butterfly by wwarby licensed under Creative Commons 4.0


When it comes to spotting grey or common seals, Norfolk is one of the best places in the country. One of the best places to see them is Blakeney Point, although you can only get to this location by boat. It is worth it though, as you will be rewarded with the view of hundreds of seals languishing in the sun. Alternatively, you could always head to Hunstanton or Horsey Beach. 

Swallowtail butterfly

The swallowtail butterfly is the largest species of butterfly that we have here in the UK. As a species, they are now limited to the Norfolk Broads, so you won’t be able to see them anywhere else. They like to lay their eggs on milk parsley, so look our for this plant when you are on the Broads at any time after May until late July and you might just see this fantastic butterfly in action.

Marsh Harrier

Bird lovers will also be pleased to hear that the marsh harrier is doing extremely well on the Norfolk Broads. This bird was once extinct in Britain but it can now be seen nesting on the Broads. There are thought to be over 100 breeding pairs visiting the area each year. If you are visiting Norfolk, you should take advantage and try and make time to see this amazing bird.


Cuckoos are becoming one of the rarest visitors to our shores; in fact, they have had a 50% decline in their population over recent years. It is extremely sad to think that these once-common birds that visit us during the summer months are disappearing from sight. Luckily, they can be spotted, with some effort, on the Norfolk Broads. Head to the marshes and fenlands of the National Park for your best chance at spotting them. You certainly won’t regret bird watching in Norfolk.

Head to Norfolk during the summer months for your chance to spot some incredible wildlife. When it comes to UK holidays, you really are spoilt.