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Discover the Broads' Best kept secret

Protection Packages

Protect your investment whilst saving money, using one of our protect & save packages. If you are already a berth holder, storage is included in your mooring price. If you have summer moorings elsewhere then you are still welcome to winter with us either afloat or ashore. A metered electricity supply is available if required.


Saver Packages from October 2018

All charges include VAT @ 20% unless otherwise stated
Basic Winter lift packageLift out in November, chock up,
5 months hardstanding storage,
return to water in Spring
Berth holders£50 / m
Non-berth holders£90 / m
Standard winter lift packageBasic package plus pressure washBerth holders£60 / m
Non-berth holders£100 / m
Winter saver packageStandard package plus antifoul prior
to launch
Berth holders£95 / m
Non-berth holders£135 / m
Polish packageStandard package plus compound,
polish & wax hull & superstructure
Berth holders£118 / m
Non-berth holders£158 / m
Add antifoul£42 / m
Shrinkwrap packageStandard package plus shrinkwrapBerth holders£97 / m
Non-berth holders£137 / m
Add antifoul£42 / m
Winter polish &
shrinkwrap package
Standard protection package plus full
polish & shrinkwrap
Berth holders£155 / m
Non-berth holders£195 / m
Add antifoul£42 / m
Antifoul packageLift out, pressure wash, antifoul
& relaunch
£77 / m