Plastic bottles get the can

plastic bottles waste

Waveney River Centre is located in the stunning Broads National Park and adjacent to the Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve. We are committed to helping look after this area of outstanding national beauty for our visitors and future generations to enjoy.

We all know that single-use plastic bottles aren’t good for the environment, from the massive amounts of oil required to produce them to pollution caused by the improper disposal of used bottles, in fact, it is currently estimated that around 46,000 pieces of plastic rubbish are floating per square mile of ocean.

To help reduce our impact on the environment we’ve decided to stop selling beverages in plastic bottles in our local shop. Instead, we’ve chosen to stock drinks in aluminium cans because they require less energy to produce and recycle, and it is possible for them to be recycled and reused over and over again.

But remember, this is only half of the journey, the aluminium cans still need to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Help us to look after the Broads and the local environment by using the recycling bins and facilities provided during your stay with us.