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Norfolk Broads Boat Hire

What is a Norfolk Broads Boating Holiday?

Well, as the name might suggest a Norfolk Broads boating holiday involve the outdoors, spending some time in Britain’s Magical Waterland, and a slightly unconventional accommodation type! If you’ve already enjoyed our lodges or glamping, and want to spend a bit more time on the water, then now’s the time to try one of our beautiful cruisers.. That doesn’t mean we’ll be forgoing all those familiarities, however. No, many boats – ours included – offer luxurious cabins with kingsize beds, ensuite toilets and more, so you’ll feel right at home!

Norfolk Broads boating holidays

What does it involve?

Exploring the Broads on a boat means you get to see more, do more and experience more. You can wake up to a new gallery of wonders every morning, needing not stay in the same place twice. On the other hand, if you do like a place, there’s no rush to leave! Boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads give you options and expand your horizons. All it takes is a little know-how (which we’ll cover in a future article), and you’re on your way – but don’t fret! It couldn’t be simpler.

Boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads are an experience like no other. Ditch the city, leave the car behind, and relax! Driving the boats is easy, there are no traffic jams, and your passengers don’t have to be sat bolt upright with a seat belt. All in all, it’s a much more relaxing way to travel. Few things can beat the calm peace one can find by leisurely cruising along the waterways in the warm air, with a gentle breeze caressing the skin.

Hiring a boat out for the day is great as a bitesize trip, but for the ultimate Broads experience, you can’t beat a full holiday. Our holiday cruisers are available to hire from Easter 2019, so if you’re already considering a trip, take a look at our fleet.