Discover the Broads' Best kept secret

Norfolk Broads and Suffolk Broads – Fact time!

Butterfly by FreeWine licensed under Creative Commons 4.0

The Broads are an amazing place for families, nature lovers, adventures and anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. As well as being a popular camping destination, many people will also buy holiday homes or rent caravans in the area. 

However, our team at the Waveney River Centre know that having a little bit of extra information about the area will help to increase your appreciation of and enjoyment in the broads. As such, we have compiled a few facts about the surrounding area that you probably didn’t know!

1. The Broads 

Although many people think the broads are naturally occurring phenomena, they are actually man made! First formed in medieval times, the broads were created when peat was dug out of the area and used as fuel for cooking and heating homes. Over time, the water table rose, meaning that these dugout areas were flooded, creating the lakes we see today.

2. People

Although the population of the broads is only about 6,500, the area receives over 7.5 million visitors per year. Tourism is essential to the region, with these 7.5 million tourists generating a total economic impact of almost £570 million each year!

3. Wildlife 

The broads provide a unique environment for animal and plant species, and is home to approximately 25% of the UK’s rarest species. These include cranes, swallowtail butterflies, and stoneworts. There is even a species of dragonfly name after the area – the Norfolk hawker dragonfly, which is only found in the broads.

4. Science

Due to the diversity of wildlife, it’s no wonder that the area is of particular interest to scientists and conservationists. Nearly 25% of the broads are covered by Sites of Special Scientific Interest, of which there are 28 distinct points. Many of these are dedicated to conserving the species that are there, and working on protecting the environment as a whole.

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