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Working for the Raft Race

My mate Max has just been over to ask why I haven’t mentioned the Waveney Inn Raft Race, and that’s…Read More

Fridge Magnets are the new Attraction

Some news just in, my new fridge magnets and key rings are now on sale in the Mariner’s Stores. Fashioned…Read More

Eddie Gets Anchored

Last week I saw James walking round the Park with this guy holding a clipboard, so I knew something was…Read More

New Bus Route at WRC

I had to do a double take on Saturday morning. I woke up and there before my eyes was a…Read More

It must be a Sign

Well will you look at that. Anyone familiar with our little stretch of river cannot have failed to notice the…Read More

Norfeo! Magical Storytelling at Waveney River Centre

I’ve just had this bird sitting on my tail and telling me about some storytelling job she’s got down here…Read More

One Fish Went To Mow A Meadow

Wa-hay fish fans. Have you missed me? It’s been a bit dry down here, we need some rain for those…Read More

The Big Steel Thing Part 2

You put your steel boat in, Your steel boat out, In, out, in, out, and shake it all about. You…Read More

A Beer Called Eddie

Help everything’s spinning! Hic. Must be that fish pie I had just before I started on the first bottle of…Read More

Playtime for a Fish

Wheeeee! I’m sliding down the slide on my scaley bottom! And now I’m swinging, hanging on only by my fins!…Read More