Messing about on the river

Norfolk Broads5 August 2004 036 by Martin Pettitt licensed under Creative Commons 4.0
Fancy something a bit different this summer? Perhaps you’d like the opportunity to get back to nature but would enjoy a more unique way of discovering it. Boating holidays offer you just that. Waveney River Centre has a range of Norfolk Broads luxury boats to hire, from 3 days to a week. Whether you’re a couple, family or want to bring your dog along for the journey, it’s time to go cruising along the river. Back to nature There’s no finer way to observe the beauty of nature than from a boat’s open cockpit. The River Waveney offers a wealth of bird life. Since 2010, 81 species of bird have been sighted and recorded. Cruising the river is the perfect way to relax and take in the natural splendour of the Norfolk Broads. Rocked to sleep Perhaps you’ll moor by one of the many riverside pubs on the Norfolk Broads to enjoy the food and beer gardens. Or maybe you fancy peace and tranquility by a farmer’s field, bird watching. Whichever you decide, you’ll be able to relax on the sun deck or saloon, using the Bluetooth speaker provided to listen to your favourite sounds and simply look up at the stars. A night onboard a boat is a memorable one. The gentle rocking, caused by being afloat, is certain to send even the worst insomniac into a deep sleep. There’s something quite magical about it. Our boats come equipped with Egyptian cotton bedding, making this a luxury boating holiday. Cruising the river When you’re cruising, the destination isn’t as important as the journey. Cruising to Norwich is a possibility depending on your length of stay. Worried about your lack of boating experience? Don’t be! It is easier than riding a bike. Follow a few simple guidelines and you’ll be on your adventure in no time. The boating community are notoriously friendly and community spirited. Any worries, ask the advice of a fellow boater. They’ll not only assist you, they’ll probably offer you a glass of something too. There are speed restrictions on the waterways, but you’ll be hard pushed to break them. After all, this is about taking life at a leisurely pace and enjoying the moment. You’ll have a holiday like no other. Once you return to dry land you’ll be desperate to be onboard again. It’s addictive.