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Falcon Eats Dragon as Nightingale Sings

That Carl Chapman has been on the prowl again, and sent me the following report:

There are fewer places better in Norfolk to see Otter, than Waveney River Centre. You might think that a hub of activity like WRC would make it a big ‘no-no’ for wildlife – but how wrong you would be! If you can bear to drag yourself out of your comfortable Hotel or Lodge bed before anyone else is around this summer you are sure to see an Otter or two on the river or even in the Marina. And if you’re having a winter break, then the chances of seeing Otter mean you can even have that lie-in too. When it’s cold they are about for most of the day… all it takes is a little patience.

Talking of Summer months; they will soon be with us. The heat of a July day will muster clouds of Dragonflies and Butterflies here at the Waveney. Some of the Dragons are so beautiful they look as though they should be adorning the dress of a goddess. Those translucent greens, yellows and blues are a match for any artists palette. Come and photograph them. They are truly amazing.

Hobby falcon

We may think of them as beautiful but other wildlife sees them as just another meal. The Hobby visits WRC. On one occasion last year this falcon was seen to make low sallies just outside Reception. Clasping dragonflies in its talons it was possible to see the shining lace like wings being snipped off and falling to the ground as they ate the remainder in flight. [I love it when you talk dirty, Carl]. If this sounds amazing you should come and see for yourself.

While we’re talk of something sounding amazing, in May last year a Nightingale sang by the river for several days. Not as you would expect, at night – but in the heat of the day! If you have never heard a Nightingale, put it on your ‘bucket-list’. It will melt your heart. [They’re tasty, too]. The valley here at the Waveney was used last year in winter by thousands of Pink footed Geese. Marsh Harriers regularly patrol the reed beds and fields and there’s always a chance to see something rarer like a Crane or even an Eagle flying over (yes we have had Eagle fly over!).

Sounds incredible doesn’t it? Well the truth is… we have an an incredible place for wildlife here at the Waveney. Come and check it out.Thanks for that Carl – I’m a wildlife-loving predator fish, me.