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Eddie’s World of Insects

That Carl Chapman from Wildlife Tours & Education has been sniffing around again, doing his regular survey of anything alive that isn’t human.

As you know the weather’s been lovely & warm (a nice change from last June when I still had my woolly fin socks on) and so the butterflies have made a beeline for us. Or should it be a butterflyline? I digress – the important this is this: there were fifteen different flutterby species on the buddleias on and around the camp site!

Scarce tortoiseshellKeep your eyes peeled for a Scarce Tortoiseshell. This one hasn’t been found in the UK for 50 years but there’s been an unprecedented influx into Holland recently and one or two have started to turn up along the east coast. Waveney River Centre would be an ideal place for one to occur locally so cameras at the ready – see if you can find one wearing clogs.

Dragonfly news

Carl also spotted lots of Dragonflies, with seven species flitting around the place. One of them is, in my admittedly fishy opinion, the UK’s most beautiful insect. Check out this baby – The Banded Demoiselle has been hovering low over the water around the moorings and fluttering along the mown grass.

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Later fish fans!

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