Destination: Norwich

For anyone visiting Norfolk, spending time looking around the fabulous Norfolk Broads is naturally a great way to spend your time. However, this part of the UK also has more to offer. Getting out and about in the county is worthwhile so you can engage in other fun activities like shopping or sightseeing. One of the best cities to visit in Norfolk is Norwich. 

Norwich Cathedral

But what are the best places to check out when visiting Norwich?

Go for a stroll

Although there are lots of specific things to see in the city, it is often best to simply have a wander around. This will take you around the many shops and 1500 historic buildings it is home too. There are also 33 churches in the city which is more than any other in Northern Europe. Once you make it to the Elm Hill district, there is a myriad of charming cobbled streets, lined with Tudor buildings to marvel at. 

Check out the cathedral

Although the many churches Norwich has are impressive, the ancient Norman cathedral is simply awesome. 131 metres long and 54 metres wide, it was finally completed in 1145. The limestone stones used to build it were in fact shipped over from Caen in France! There is also a more ancient Roman history to the building which can be seen in the famous cathedral tower. 

Norwich castle museum

Built at the turn of the 12th century, this cube-shaped stone keep has ancient Norman and Romanesque arches. Interestingly, this building was used as a jail from 1220 until 1887! Now, the Norwich museum resides here to give visitors lots of information about the city. Along with multimedia exhibits, there are models of buildings from different periods and even the chance to look at the castle’s dungeon! 

Norwich has lots more to offer

If you are looking for things to do in Norfolk, heading for a day out in Norwich is ideal. It not only gives you the chance to dine out or shop but also has a lot of culture to take in. It is also offers something different if you are on a bird watching, camping or walking holiday in the Broads. 

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