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Discover the Broads' Best kept secret

Broads Boat Hire in Norfolk

My family and I have visited the Norfolk Broads several times, and each time we have hired a boat. You can drive around the area, but Broads boat hire is the best way to see this vast area of wetlands that includes about 130 miles of navigable waterways.

One of the things I like about boat hire, Broads is that the boats are comfortable and well equipped, and have everything you want even for a weeks holiday. The beds are surprisingly comfortable, and there is a fridge and stove, although a lot of the fun in boating is to find a nice pub or restaurant and moor your boat overnight.

Another thing I like is that there is plenty to see and do here, even for  young children. You could spend a day in Great Yarmouth, and/or take the kids to local attractions like the Bure Valley Steam Railway. There are plenty of nature reserves, historic buildings and plenty of great antique shops spread all over the region. Of course, you do not need to do any of these things, and sometimes you may just want to relax on top deck.

Broads boat hire at the Waveney River Centre, Norfolk