Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

Waveney River Centre is committed to providing safe holidays and a safe environment for our staff and visitors.

Throughout the pandemic, we have taken a proactive approach to protect our customers and staff and have joined Visit England’s Good To Go scheme.

Our investment has included:

  • new safety and instructional videos;
  • improvements to our IT systems to reduce queueing ;
  • electronic waivers to be signed in advance to reduce waiting time and the use of paper & pens;
  • streamlined handover processes to reduce face to face contact;
  • social distancing measures at our reception, pool and the Waveney Inn;
  • enhanced cleaning and sanitisation regimes around the workplace and public areas;
  • organising our staff into work bubbles so that they can continue to work safely;
  • wearing face coverings and other PPE when we are face to face with customers or people from outside our work bubbles;
  • enforcing a strict signing in process for staff and contractors, and displaying test & trace QR codes in public areas.

Although we look forward to a future which does not involve social distancing, many of these improvements are here to stay.

All of our accommodation, boats and public areas are cleaned with products which are DEFRA accredited and conform to EU requirements.

Our linen and towels are cleaned by a professional cleaning company, who have systems in place to meet all the requirements of Health & Safety legislation.

Although we have had to cancel all of our November holidays due to the second lock down, we believe that we are well placed to offer the safest holidays available anywhere on the Broads when we are able to re-open again.

We will continue at all times to monitor and follow the advice from HM Government Department of Health, in order to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers.

We look forward to welcoming you when the law permits it – and in the mean time, please stay safe and play by the rules!

16th November 2020

  • How to protect yourself

    Wash your hands regularly – for at least 20 seconds
    Avoid touching your face and eyes
    If you are worried call 119
    Stay 1 metre plus away from other people
    Your entire household should self isolate for two weeks if you or anyone in your household have a high temperature, continuous cough or flu-like symptoms. Do not visit a doctor or call 119 if the symptoms are mild.

    If you are contacted by track and trace you must isolate for 14 days as per government guidance.

  • Our additional cleaning procedures

    We will be using Ultra AX antiviral spray (BS EN 1276 & BS EN 14476) on surfaces and touch points

    Some surfaces may appear damp or wet on arrival. This will be due to spraying and leaving the Ultra AX on the surface to do its job.

    Our cleaning times will be longer due to the additional cleaning required. We will be ensuring all surfaces and fabrics are sanitised before your arrival.

    We have installed several sanitisation points across our site, especially at high contact points or doorways. Please always use them.

    Our team are using disposable gloves and removing them between each task

  • Lodge arrivals

    We will now be operating a contactless arrival

    On arrival to our site we ask that you wait in your car in the arrival bays outside reception and call us

    If your lodge is ready we will let you know where it is and the keys will be inside, with instructions, on the dining table

    If the security seal to your lodge has been broken please inform us and we will investigate before you enter the lodge

    You will only be able to access your lodge after 4pm. There will be no waiting facilities onsite, so please do not arrive before this time

    We will need to record contact details for all households, if people are holidaying together. This is required for the governments Track and Trace initiative.

    We ask that you do not make unnecessary stops on route to us, to avoid potential sources of contamination

    We have removed welcome folders from the lodge and will now leave a web link to access the information online

    We have temporarily removed some inventory items to ensure we can effectively clean the lodge

  • Holiday cruiser arrivals

    We will now be conducting contactless arrivals.

    We will ask that you call our reception number on arrival for instructions
    We will direct you down to our boating team who will greet you and show you to the boat.

    Arrivals times will be between 2pm and 4pm

    Handover Details
    In order to complete an effective handover we will still need our staff to join you on board for some, if not all of the demonstration. To ensure we effectively social distance and remain safe we will put the following measures in place.

    • We will complete as much of the handover as possible from outside the cabin space.
    • We will ask that only one member of the party be on board with our team member while the handover takes place. This will mean that your crew will wait in your car, in one cabin on the boat or on our grassed areas.
    • When on board with you our team members may wear a face mask or face shield
    • We will ask you to use hand gel before entering the boat.
    • We will keep the advised 1m+ distance from you and will verbally explain how controls work. Our team will not touch the controls while you are on board.
    • When completing the river trial our team member will stand away from you and verbally advise you on how to drive the boat. Our team member will not touch the controls unless there is an emergency situation.
    • We will still need to complete signed paperwork for the handover. We will ensure pens are sanitised before use.
    • We will not be able to help you get on board the vessel

    All buoyancy aids are sanitised with Ultra AX antiviral spray before we issue them to you.
    We will not be able to help you fit the buoyancy aids, so we ask that you all help each other ensure the straps are tight and the buoyancy aids fit before boarding the boat.
    Once you return we ask that you leave the buoyancy aids on board so we can sanitise them.

    Once we have completed the handover you will able to load your belongings on board.

  • Maintenance issues during your stay

    Occasionally things do go wrong and we will need to fix them during your stay.
    We have the following procedures in place to ensure we reduce contact and contamination risks

    Lodge Maintenance Requests

    • Please call us if you have any issues with your lodge, we will then be ablate send one of our maintenance team to visit you.
    • Please ensure that your personal belongings are cleared from any areas we may need to access.
    • If we need to access the inside of the lodge we ask that you all wait in one room away from our team member while we are inside.
    • Our team member will wear gloves and will sanitise anything they touch with Ultra AX on completion of any works.
    • In the event you need to request any missing inventory items or linen, please call our reception and our team will arrange to drop this at the door for you.

    Holiday Cruiser Maintenance Requests

    • Please call our reception number between 9am and 5pm, outside of these times please call our emergency helpline number
    • We will then assess the issue on the phone – we will be able to talk you through most issues over the phone.
    • If we need to visit you we will arrange a suitable place we can meet you – we will need road access to get to you.
    • We will ask that you tidy all belongings away before we board the boat to minimise risk of any cross contamination.
    • Ensure you and your crew are off the boat before our team member gets on board.
    • We will spray areas we need to touch with Ultra AX antiviral spray.
    • The process may take longer than usual due to extra cleaning measures needed.
    • We won’t be able to take any passengers in our vehicles, should the need arise. We would call a taxi firm in this instance.
  • Use of facilities on site

    We are closely monitoring government and industry guidelines and we will update which facilities are open as soon as we can.

    Our Foot Ferry is operating and we are able to take you over the river to Carlton Marshes. This will be at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing.

    Our day cruisers and kayak/canoes are available for hire. Prebook these with reception.

    The swimming pool is currently closed

    The on site toilets and showers are reserved for campsite and glamping customers only – not for general public use

    The Waveney Inn will be open with limited table availability and also a online takeaway service.
    Click this link for the Takeaway Service

    We have a field to the rear of the site which can be used for dog walking

  • First aid

    Our team will attend a call for first aid assistance but request that the person requiring treatment is isolated from the rest of the occupants of the accommodation, if safe to do so. If the person requiring first aid is a minor, 1 adult will be permitted to be present. All other guests will be requested to maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres.
    Our team will wear appropriate PPE when attending a first aid call, any items worn during the process of administering first aid will be safely disposed of immediately afterwards.
    If a request is made for first aid due to any person displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19, we will request that the guest contact 119 for further advice and implement our procedure to move the person in question to an isolation room.

  • Payments on site

    We will only be accepting card payments on site.
    We don’t have any cash facilities

  • Day cruiser procedure

    Please park in our main carpark and walk down to the river front where our boat team will greet you

    We will issue you and your crew with buoyancy aids
    We won’t be able to help you fit the buoyancy aids, so we will demonstrate this and you will need to help each other.

    We will ask one member of your party to get on board the boat and we will then verbally tell them how the controls work. If it’s a dry day we will open the boat up and speak to you from shore. If it’s raining we may need to join you on board and we will wear a face mask in this instance.

    We will still need to complete a signed piece of paperwork and we will use sanitised pens for this

    We ask that all other members of your party wait until the handover process is complete before boarding.

    On return we ask that you exit the boat and one member of your party drop the buoyancy aids near our shed, where we can collect and sanitise them.

    We ask that you take all your belongings with you at the end of your trip and you dispose of any refuse in our bins. We will not be able to retain any lost property at this time.

    Please bear in mind that our handover and boarding processes may take longer than normal and the handover time is part of your day hire.

  • Foot Ferry Procedure

    Our foot ferry runs from near the fuel quay.
    The ferry across to Carlton Marshes runs on the hour.
    For the journey back call us and we will collect you


    • Please ensure you wait to be called to board the ferry
    • Wait at least 1m away from other passengers and guests
    • Use the hand sanitiser before boarding
    • When boarding the ferry you will be asked to stand or sit in certain areas. If you are a family group we can take you as one trip, if we have several non related passengers, we may need to make several trips.
    • We will be spraying Ultra AX antiviral spray on all touch points before and after each trip
    • We are not allowed to assist anyone in boarding the ferry