Discover the Broads' Best kept secret

7 Swans A Swimming

This was a nice surprise – Harbour Mistress Muriel took this pic of Mrs Swan with her brood checking out the scenery in Lodge World near to my Secret Garden.

I don’t know so much about swans so I looked some stuff up. Here are the results of my learning.

  • A bloke swan is called a cob and a bird is a pen. A baby swan is a cygnet (I knew that already)
  • You can tell the difference between male & female swans by the size of their knob. The knob is at the base of their upper bill and the male’s is bigger.
  • Swans defend themselves by pecking at their enemy until they go away, or die
  • Swans sit on their eggs for 40 days. They must have a numb bum after that
  • Swans remember who’s been kind to them – or not. So look out.

See you next time wildlife fans!