4 top tips to stay safe by the Norfolk Broads this summer

There’s nothing like a hot summer’s day during the UK holidays spent by the rivers of the Norfolk Broads. Whether it’s peak fishing season or you’re a fan of Norfolk Broads boat hire, everyone loves to be by the water. Sadly, every year there’s another story about the dangers of open water, so here are four top tips to keep you and yours safe this summer:

children on boat

1. Use buoyancy aids 

While out enjoying Norfolk Broads boat hire, be sure to put safety first by always using a buoyancy aid like a lifejacket. With sizes available for children to adults alike, a lifejacket is always a great way of making sure you stay secure on the water. 

2. Don’t enter the water!

Despite its picturesque appearance and the great fun on offer when you arrange Norfolk Broads holidays, the water can be dangerous and it is advisable not to enter. Seek out tide times for Norfolk Broads 2019 to ensure you have accurate information before heading out and speak to the knowledgable folks at Waveney River Centre for all the info you need before setting sail. 

3. Know what to do in the rare event of an emergency 

Canoeing and kayaking on the Norfolk Broads are popular pastimes and are a great way to get to know the local landscape and wildlife. Offering up-close views of flora, fauna and local ecosystems, they make for an idyllic day out. In the unlikely event of an emergency, call 999 and ask for the coastguard or use VHF channel 16. 

4. Keep the decks clear of trip hazards

Open water doesn’t have the depth markers of your local pool. When boating on the Broads, be aware that the water can be deeper than it looks – this brings us back to the most important point, always wear your lifejacket! An additional safety step you should take is keeping the deck of your boat clear of trip hazards to avoid anyone ending up overboard. 

Enjoying the Great British countryside is a widely loved family activity and is hugely rewarding too. Just follow the above tips to stay safe and everyone can enjoy the Norfolk Broads!